Mutual Help in the Front Line of Fighting Pandemic
The Career of Shangyu The City Star Proprietor “Brother Hai”
Publisher: Release time:2020-05-19

Who is “Brother Hai”? He is Shan Guohai, a proprietor of Shangyu The City Star, who was elected as the captain of the “civility exhortation team” of the residential quarter established in 2019.

Brother Hai has been devoting his spare time and energy to the residential quarter’s civility exhortation work such as vehicle management, waste classification, and high-altitude falling prevention. In the war without smoke against the pandemic of 2020, considering insufficient manpower of the property management personnel, Brother Hai as well as the civility exhortation team members and proprietor committee members led by him became volunteers in red and gathered at the gate to help take body temperature, check health code, and conduct “two-check and two-ask”. Working from dawn to dusk, he charged ahead and took the lead, bearing the burden and overcoming the difficulties together with Binjiang Property personnel and community staff.

During the pandemic, couriers and takeout deliverymen are all prohibited from entering in the residential quarter, which led to more and more goods piled up at the gate. Both property management staff and Brother Hai were worried about such situation. But soon, they came up with an idea. By using the convenient carts, Brother Hai and stewards delivered door to door takeouts and express parcels to proprietors, who gratefully called them “super deliverymen”. “We are not living in an isolated place as long as we have love between us,” said Brother Hai at that time. During the time of the strictest pandemic containment, only one person of each household was allowed to go out for purchasing once a week. After discussion with the property management director, Brother Hai, together with property management staff and civility exhortation team members, offered the warmhearted voluntary service of purchasing and delivering vegetables for proprietors, which helped satisfy basic living demands of proprietors of the residential quarter.


Brother Hai is a proprietor of the residential quarter but also a volunteer of the community. In the view of Brother Hai himself, he is the link between residents, the community and property management staff - he is a good neighbor of proprietors and also a helper of the community and property management staff. Visiting and listening to proprietors, reflecting problems collected to community neighborhood committee and property managements service center and in turn transmitting information from community neighborhood committee and property managements to proprietors, Brother Hai is serious with the voluntary management of both property management service and proprietors.

As a three-year proprietor of Shangyu Binjiang The City Star, Brother Hai is satisfied with both the environment of the residential quarter and the work of property management staff, and regards contributing to management of The City Star with Binjiang Property personnel, proprietor committee and community staff and to the harmony of the residential quarter as a big family a very meaning and wonderful thing to do.

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