A Steward of Shanghai Park One Recovered Sliding Kitchen Door of a Proprietor
Protecting the Important Place of Diet and Nutrition Guarantee During Pandemic
Publisher: Release time:2020-05-19

In the middle of April, proprietor Zhu of Shanghai Park One wrote a letter of appreciation to praise the steward Xu Hui for his warmhearted services for proprietors. On April 13th, a sliding door in Mr. Zhu’s kitchen was stuck and couldn’t move. For Mr. Zhu, it means that he couldn’t cook.

The dedicated steward of Mr. Zhu was at rest that day, so Xu Hui, another steward, rushed to Mr. Zhu’s home and laboriously recovered the sliding door, successfully solving the pressing problem for Mr. Zhu,

Xu Hui says, “A steward should be eager to satisfy the needs of proprietors and never fall back or be dilatory when facing any difficulties. Trying best to solve problems for proprietors is the basic quality of us as stewards.” Besides, it is worth mentioning that during the pandemic, kitchen is of strategic significance as it is the place where we get nutrition to build up our resistance to diseases.


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